The earfold is a revolutionary device used to correct ear prominence. To date , Mr O'Toole has implanted over 350 earfold devices. He is a leader in the field in this otoplasty procedure and teaches surgeons worldwide his minimalist approach to the procedure.

The procedure takes minutes under local anaesthetic, with an instant correction and a rapid recovery. No dressings are needed and a return to most sports and activities is possible in less than a week.

Earfold is suitable for most patients with ear prominence, and can be combined with other procedures such as earlobe reduction or conchal bowl setback. For those for whom earfold is not suitable, the EarStitch procedure is a simple minimalist alternative. 

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earFold Testimonials


by Michelle February 2011  

Dear Greg,  

Just a very quick email to attach a photo of Jxxx's ear, and to say thank you.  

I am so pleased at how neat and tidy it all looked, no blood, a little bit of bruising but all in all amazing.  Will thank you properly but just wanted to let you have this photo now for your collection!  You really are quite incredible to be able to have the vision to know exactly how things will look and what is possible..and anyone who is fortunate enough to have you as their surgeon must be really blessed!  

Best wishes 

Hi Greg,  Just wanted to say a big thank you for fixing my ears. They had their first ‘outing’ the other evening and I felt so much better and more confident. Friends have also commented what a great job you did. Thank you so much!  Z.....