Ear Reduction

Ear reduction surgery, to reduce the size and width of the ear, is a simple minimalist procedure. It is performed as a day case under local anaesthetic.

As can be seen, the helical rim is stronger in the smaller ear, and a similar surgical approach can be used for patients with a flat helical rim whose desire is to see a this anatomical element of the ear strengthened. 

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by Daniel March 2016  

Being born with macrotia in both ears, my confidence was never huge and led to me choosing a limited amount of hair styles, all of which would cover my ears.  

Dr O'Toole explained to me that he could reduce the size and leave minimal scarring.  Helixical reduction and lobe reduction was possible. I decided to proceed.  

During surgery Dr O'Toole was a true professional.  Cool and calm and ready to explain anything should I wish to ask questions.  

After surgery, minimal scarring was expertly blended into the helixical rim and my wounds healed without infection.  Very nice.  Because the reduction was quite large (over 1 cm) there was some buckling experienced on the out edge of the ear rim.  

Dr O'Toole was prepared for this and advised some revision work after a few months.  This was all included in the aftercare service, all part of the original service offered.  

Back to surgery I went, and the buckling removed.  Dr O'Toole explained scarring would occur and fade over a number of years, which I was prepared for.  

After just a few weeks, all my wounds have healed, I have had an excellent ear reduction performed, there is very minimal scarring that can not be seen unless close observation is made.  

Overall I am very pleased with the work performed.  I have since cut my hair shorter, something I have never had in my life and experienced a very positive result with a very professional service.  

Dr O'Toole leaves himself available to you if you ever need advice and he explains every step of the way. ​  

Very skilled, very professional.  Would recommend.

​I would like to express my thanks to Mr O'Toole and his team of staff for my care and treatment during my recent Earstitch  surgery.   

From my first appointment I immediately felt at ease with Mr O'Toole and during our initial consultation he explained the procedure in full and what I could expect in terms of results and recovery time. He also explained that recurrence of prominence is a possibility and revision surgery is sometimes required, particularly when the prominence is severe as in my case. Nevertheless I felt reassured and confident of a successful outcome and decided to go ahead with the surgery.  

My first operation went well and recovery, was quick but with some post op pain and discomfort for the first few days.   

After a couple of months I became aware  that my right ear had started to push back out again.  I went to see Mr O'Toole and he agreed that revision surgery was necessary and a second operation was arranged.  I had the surgery a month ago and once again recovery has been quick and pain has been minimal  and everything has gone well. Mr O'Toole is confident that no further surgery will be required this time and I can honestly say that I am delighted with my ears after suffering the embarrassment and shame of 'big ears' for so many years.  

Throughout the entire experience Mr O'Toole has been courteous, professional and honest and I have no hesitation in recommending Mr O'Toole to anyone who may be considering embarking on this type of surgery.