Ear injuries

Ear injuries sustained in bite or knife injuries often result in a partial amputation of the ear. Serious road traffic accidents can result in the loss of the entire ear. Major burns can also cause terrible injury to the ear. Mr O'Toole has treated more than 100 amputation injuries of the ear over the last three years, most of which were caused by bites sustained in fights or assaults.

More minor deformity can result from infected piercings, particularly when the ear is pierced through the cartilage of its upper pole. Piercings can also split an earlobe and earlobe expanders can result in deformity that can only be corrected with surgery

Surgery follows the principles of reconstruction for microtia with establishment of a resilient ear framework and coverage with a thin soft tissue envelope, being prerequisites to a high quality reconstruction. 

Ear injury testimonials


by William Sat Feb 23, 2013   

I was a victim of a horrific unprovoked attack in which a large portion of my ear was bitten off. I was admitted to the Royal Free Hospital on the evening of the attack. I was completely beside myself and knew that not only my appearance, but my confidence had been shattered. The following morning, when I was introduced to Greg O'Toole, I felt there was a light at the end of the tunnel.  

Mr O'Toole calmly and concisely explained which reconstructive option was best for me and openly discussed my expectations in a frank yet sensitive way. He was extremely honest in helping me to be realistic, stressing that it would be a long and arduous process, but that my ear WOULD BE FIXED. Mr O'Toole has been entirely true to his word.  

I embarked on the process of reconstructive surgery with obvious trepidation, but also with confidence and excitement. Throughout these procedures Mr O'Toole and his team were always available to reassure, answer my questions and discuss any concerns; I had no doubts that the outcome of my treatment was extremely important to Mr O'Toole. 

I had been advised that my reconstructed ear was unlikely to be entirely symmetrical to my opposing ear, however I can only say that I am extremely happy with the outcome. Both my personal body image and self esteem has improved considerably after the reconstructive surgery. I cannot begin to express my thanks to Mr O'Toole and his team for giving me my life back and for that I will be eternally grateful. 

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Greg O'Toole to anyone who is in need of a consummate and talented professional, who has the vision and ability to achieve genuinely amazing results. 

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