Mr Greg O'Toole MD FRCS(Plast)


The earstitch procedure, popularised by Greg O'Toole, is the simplest, most minimalist approach available to correct ear prominence.

The procedure takes minutes, it is performed under local anaesthetic, no bandages are required, and a return to normal activity within days is the norm.

In terms of operation numbers, Mr O'Toole is the world lead in cosmetic ear surgery including earstitch otoplasty techniques performing over 100 procedures anually.


The earfold is a revolutionary device which corrects softness of the anti-helical fold of the ear. It improves ear aesthetics and projection in suitable cases. 

Mr O'Toole has implanted more than 300 earfolds since 2014.

Ear reduction

Ear reduction surgery, under local anaesthetic takes around 20 minutes per ear. Dressings are minimal and recovery in around a week is the norm.

Earlobe reduction

Earlobe reduction surgery rejuvenates the ear with hidden scars. This 30 minute procedure, performed under local anaesthetic can be adapted to the precise desires of the individual. See the earlobe page for results.

earStitch and earFold

day case procedure

 earFold and earStitch are day case otoplasty procedures in many cases taking just a few minutes 

local anaesthetic

earFold and earStitch are modern, safe otoplasty procedures performed under a local anaesthetic. a general anaesthetic can be offered if preferred.


no dressings required

 after an earFold or an earStitch procedure no dressings are required, swelling is minimal and a rapid return to activity is the norm


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